Selfboot data/data 45000LBA PACK!!

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Selfboot data/data 45000LBA PACK!!

Message par -=FamilyGuy=- » 06 Fév 2009 17:41

Voici une petite release que j'avais fais sur matagames-eu mais que je n'avait toujours pas posté ici. A noter que les jeux WinCE ne fonctionnent pas encores, ni les jeux cdda (inutile de faire du data/data 45000LBA pour les jeux cdda de toute façons).

Ça fonctionne particulièrement bien pour les jeux pris directement sur un rip GDI, jeux katana sans cdda (ou en enlevant les cdda). Ex: Shenmue2, PSOv2, etc.

Lisez le readme pour les "features" interessantes comme l'utilisation de l'espace de la première session, le sorting, le dummying et l'ajout de logo personallisés.

Je release ici en primeur mon selfboot pack pour le 45000LBA, lisez comme il faut le README.TXT et le commentaire au début et à la fin du BAT file pour comprendre comment utiliser le pack !

En passant c'est toujours mieux de partir d'un gdi ou de fichiers 100% originaux (non-hackés) avec ce pack.

Voici le README:

Code : Tout sélectionner

Self-BooTDATA Pack by Familyguy            (v1.1)

This pack is meant to easily selfboot a games in 45000LBA data/data mode.
It doesn't support CDDA tracks, but if you don't mind playing with no sound it'll work.
WinCE games should works, but it's untested.



1) Run Image2Data.bat and follow the instructions, it'll extract the data in your image files into
   the data folder, and put the ip.bin in the root folder of the pack.
   TIP: The starting LBA of the last data track can be found in the GDI file or by running gdinfo_FG
        on the ip.bin (or track03.iso) of the game. gdinfo_FG.exe is in the Utilities folder.
2) Downsample the content to fit a cd if needed
3) COPY about 65MB of data to the data1 folder (only if the games fits tight)
4) Apply any non-lba based hack the game requires (game-specific copy protection)
   Go to the Ripping Database to find if your game is protected:
5) Run SELFBOOT.bat
6) Burn with alcohol or Nero, old nero versions seem not to support the tweaks used
7) PLAY !

* You can add a 0.0 file to the data folder as a dummy, it won't apear in the filesystem.
** You can add a sorttxt.txt file to the root directory of the pack to sort your backup.
*** You can add a logo.png to the root directory of the pack to add it to the boot screen.

Note:    The BOOT.BIN specified in the ip.bin must be in the DATA folder, for binhacking purpose.
    Duplicated files will be burnt once!


To help you downsample and mess with files, some utilities were included in the Utilities Folder


ADX(folder):  Downsampling tools for ADX files
              Use: Read ADX\ADXLoopCalculator.txt for info on how to downsample and loop adx files
           A batch file to downsample wav files in 22050Hz as been included.

bin2iso:      Convert a bin file to a iso file, to use with extract.exe
              Use: bin2iso <binfile.bin> <ouput_isofile.iso>

DUMMY:        Create a file of any lenght, to create a 0.0
              Use: Dummy <FILENAME> <size_in_bytes>

extract:      Extract the content of a iso.
              Use: extract <Iso_with_TOC> <Iso_with_files> <Iso_with_files_physical_start sector>
                   Exemple for a 5 track DC game: extract track03.iso track05.iso <track05_physical_start_sector>
               Exemple for a 3 track DC game: extract track03.iso
          REM: The physical start sector is the LBA of the track+150  (ex: track03.iso physical start sector is 45150)
           The disc TOC can be found in its gdi file, or by analysing its ip.bin with gdinfo_fg.exe

IP.BINHACK:   Hack a ip.bin to 45000LBA without modifying the BOOT.BIN, used for 45000LBA data/data backup
              Use: Run with a ip.bin in the same folder, the hacked ip.bin will be named ip.hak, the BOOT.bin
                   specified in the ip.bin must be in the DATA folder, it won't be modified.
              REM: AUTO.BINHACK in the root folder of the pack is the same, but with no "pause", for automated purpose.

Makesort:     Convert a isobuster filelist.txt (relative path) to a sorttxt.txt (with 0.0) usable with mkisofs
              Use: Run and follow the directions

gdinfo_FG:    Gather informations from the ip.bin and outputs it in a "game info.txt" file
              Use: Run with a ip.bin in the same folder, OR Drag and Drop a file to it (ex: track03.iso)
           It can also retreive the disc TOC from the ip.bin

ISOFIX1.3:    Can create a fixed.iso file with a readable filesystem from track03.bin or <track03.bin+dummy+LastDataTrack.bin>
              To use with isobuster to create a filelist.txt (relative path)
              USE: Run, follow the directions (track03.bin start sector is 45000).

AFS(folder):  Contain tools to mess with AFS files

    AFSCompactor: Compact AFS files by removing unused data. Save about 0.5MB per AFS, losslessly.
                      USE: Run, follow the directions, the 1 option doesn't work, choose 2048.
                      TIP: It's suggested to select the pack folder, check "process folder recursively" and choose 2048.

    AFSUTILS:     Can extract and create AFS files.

    IDXCREATOR    Can create a IDX file that matches a modified AFS.


I hope you'll find them useful



Thanks to Xzyx987X for the nrgheader technique, ECHELON for the BINHACK program, M$ for bat files,
Neoblast and Indiket for the FILL program, Indiket for the NRGHEADER program, DarkFalz for the
ADX/Sort/AFS Tools I included in the pack, JJ1ODM for the bin2iso program and Manic for his AFS Tools.

I hope you'll like this little pack, I spent a lot of time on it, trust me.

FamilyGuy 2008
Donnez-m'en des nouvelles! À noter que les jeux WinCE ne devraient pas fonctionner avec ce pack.