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DCReloaded & DreamAgain

Message par Maturion » 14 Fév 2008 14:42

I'm form Germany and I just found this site. I speak *a bit* French, but I think I have to write this because otherwise I think you wouldn't understand me.

There's the french DCReload board (http://forum.aceboard.net/index.php?login=4752) and this one. What about merging? I think this would help the whole Dreamcast community. I would also like if you could add SEGA-DC.de to your links.

Thank you!

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Message par edd » 14 Fév 2008 15:31

Hi, DCReload forum seems to be more about coding, here it's more about gaming (I think). I'm not sure about merging these two forums. I suppose that their admins won't want our topics in their forum :p

DA is younger but we have almost the same number of messages (DA:19509 , DCR:17879).

We don't talk about the same things, DCR forums sections are Homebrew & Coding. So I suppose that a guy who want to talk in french about tech will check DCR and a guy who want to talk in french about non-tech will come here.
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