[RPG] Elysian Shadows

Il n'y a pas que les jeux commerciaux...

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[RPG] Elysian Shadows

Message par Goshu » 05 Fév 2009 00:37

Bon, je quote directement ce qu'il y a sur leur site :
Our primary goal is to create a commercial quality RPG that people will have fun playing. We want the warm and fuzzy feeling of personal satisfaction that comes from having people enjoy something that we have poured our hearts and souls into.

This is more than just something we do in our spare time. This is unifying our collective technical, programming, artistic, musical, and writing skills along with our appreciation for video games into a single project. Ultimately, that is what Elysian Shadows is all about.

Elysian Shadows has been heavily influenced by RPGs from our childhood. Our team grew up playing games like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Phantasy Star. We look to these titles for inspiration on our own project.

While these games have had a huge impact on our direction, we are also striving to create an entirely new 2D RPG experience. Just as games like the original Final Fantasies and Dragon Quests for NES evolved into their SNES successors, we would like to create the next incarnation of the 2D RPG genre.

Our aim is not to create an "old-school" RPG. We want our project to have a modernized feel while still retaining that old-school influence and charm. The goal is to deliver something new and exciting but also familiar and nostalgic.
Je vous épargne leur screenshot un peu bof surtout que :
Please note that Mario, Sonic, Crono, MegamanX, any any other unoriginal graphics will not appear in the actual game. These are being used as placeholders while our original art is being created.
Donc à voir, comme tout les homebrews, si il arrive à terme... Mais pour le moment, dur de se faire une idée sur leur futur jeu.... En tout cas, ça change des shmups... :mrgreen:
A noter une initiative sympa, leur channel YouTube propose des vidéos "making of".

Wait & see...

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Re: [RPG] Elysian Shadows

Message par Dreamkey » 05 Fév 2009 09:23

On va dire que c'est des graphismes de test, parce que là...
S'il y a des vis, c'est que c'est fait pour être démonté (mais parfois vaut mieux s'en abstenir)