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games binfiles

Message par Masta-G » 14 Avr 2006 01:58

a quick question about the games binfiles...
I have a Data\DOA\1st_read.bin
does the file needs to be scrambled with binhack or does it have to be unscrambled ?

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Message par Venom » 14 Avr 2006 02:41

I think you ask this question because you want to put some games on 1 disc.
If it is what you want to do I think the 1st_read.bin must be scrambled just like on any autoboot disc.
If it is not what you asked try to explain a little so we could help you. :wink:

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Message par edd » 14 Avr 2006 08:30

I think that binhack doesn't scramble the binary. It patches it to specify the offset of the data track. It is necessary to run a commercial game on a selfbootable cd or from a menu (in that case, the menu must be the last patched).
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