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Partnership and DCEmulation

Publié : 19 Juin 2008 14:57
par Maturion
Hi all.

I just want to inform you that has moved to

It would be great if you could fix the link on the site. And since I'm from Germany and I am running DC-Germany I'd be great if you could add us to your affilates. A French site is missing in our partners list. :D
Moi et beaucoup de visiteurs de notre site parlent aussi le Francais. :)

Re: Partnership and DCEmulation

Publié : 20 Jan 2009 19:42
par Djizeuss
Personnellement I am d'accord, but I'm just a little inactive member of the team ...


Re: Partnership and DCEmulation

Publié : 22 Jan 2009 15:11
par edd
Hi Maturion,

It is an idea. Actually, we are working on a cleaner website since few months:
[slideshow=a] ... .jpg,newDA[/slideshow]

[slideshow=a] ... .jpg,newDA[/slideshow]

[slideshow=a] ... .jpg,newDA[/slideshow]

I think that we will see for partnerships after that (because modifying the actual website has no sense -so the current is frozen because of the making of the new one-). Can you contact us about that after?

Re: Partnership and DCEmulation

Publié : 03 Mai 2009 09:30
par Maturion
First, I'd like to thank you.
We are also currently re-designing our whole site and we're adding wiki-system. I'll contact you in a couple of weeks again. Let's hope that we're finished then! :D

By the way, your new site looks really good.